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Voice Calls now available on WhatsApp for iOS

When its calling feature hit Android gadgets a couple weeks ago, WhatsApp founder Brian Acton said the tool would make its way to iOS soon enough. Well, today’s the day. Read the rest of this entry


Etisalat Nigeria Customers to get iPhone 6 and 6 Plus…

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Nigeria’s most innovative telecommunications company, Etisalat Nigeria, today announced it will offer iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, the biggest advancements in iPhone history, beginning on Friday, 14 November 2014. Read the rest of this entry




Apple is preparing to give its products a much needed update with the announcement of the upcoming iOS 8 software update. According to Apple, iOS 8 is the biggest iOS release ever and will be aimed at spicing things up for developers as well as consumers. Read the rest of this entry

Imoji now lets you share custom stickers to Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram


When Imoji launched its iPhone app for turning selfies into stickers last month, one of the biggest complaints was that it only let you share to iMessage. A new update has addressed the issue, adding support for sharing your stickers to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Kakao. Read the rest of this entry

Google releases new Photo Sphere Camera app for iPhone

Google has dropped a new app for iPhone this morning called Photo Sphere Camera. The app offers a special camera that allows you to capture 360º images – everything above, below, and around you – for viewing and sharing. The new app even allows you to publish 360º images you capture to Google Maps for others to see as well. Google notes that the app requires iPhone 4S or higher for capturing images. Photo Sphere Camera is available for free on the App Store joining a long list of other Google apps including its popular game augmented reality game Ingress.

How to Install iOS 8’s New Notification Center on iPads & iPhones Running iOS 7

Photo 7-7-14, 14 40 16 Unless you are or know a developer, you’ll have to wait until sometime in September for the official iOS 8 to hit your iPad or iPhone. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get some of iOS 8’s new features on your iOS 7 device right now. For example, the new Notification Center, which I’ll show you how to install below.

Step 1: Jailbreak iOS 7.1.X

For this to work, you’ll need to follow our guide on jailbreaking iOS 7.1, 7.1.1, or 7.1.2 on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. It’s as simple as connecting your phone to a computer and clicking a single button. Seriously, it takes less than two minutes if you’ve got fast internet. Photo 7-7-14, 14 38 072

Step 2: Install Notific8 in Cydia

Once you’re jailbroken, open Cydia (the official app store for jailbroken devices) and Search for Notific8. Once you find it, tap on Notific8, then Install and Confirm.         Notific8 Install Confirm The download will start and the app will run. After which, select Restart Springboard for the effects to take place. Preparing Cydia Substrate Retstart SpringBoardJPG

When your device boots back up, you will now have the iOS 8 Notification Center.

New Notification Center

So what’s different? For starters, the All and Missed tabs are now combined into a single tab called Notifications. iOS7iOS8Notific8   Additionally, the gaussian blur is more transparent, widget and notification titles now have a background bar (a bit glitchy), and a new edit button exists at the bottom, which grants you quick access to your Notification Center settings (in iOS 8, it allows you to manage widgets). Developer Stricktron is looking to not only make improvements in the future, but also to add any changes made to iOS 8’s Notification Center as the beta builds progress.

Removing Notific8

To remove Notific8 and revert back to your old Notification Center, go back to Cydia, tap on Installed, select Notific8, and tap Modify -> Confirm ->Remove. HowToRemoveNotifc8 Then simply Restart Springboard so it’s completely removed.

Samsung’s new iPhone-bashing ad is more true than Apple wants to admit [Watch]

Bashing the iPhone has been good business for Samsung, which has regularly run hugely successful ad campaigns that roast iPhone fans for being mindless sheep. Not one to mess with a winning formula, Samsung is at it again with a new ad called “Wall Huggers” that ridicules the iPhone’s inferior battery power and shows several iPhone fans sitting by walls at an airport to make sure that their devices don’t quickly get drained of battery life.

Unfortunately for Apple, there’s a good deal of truth to this. Over the last year, multiple battery test studies from PCMag, and LaptopMag have all found that flagship phones from Samsung and HTC get significantly higher overall battery life than the iPhone. In fact, looking at the Which? study that specifically examined battery life for Internet use, we can see that the iPhone 5s was behind every other major smartphone released last year, including the Galaxy S4, the HTC One, the BlackBerry Z10 and the Nokia Lumia 1020.

This is a potentially important issue that Apple might want to pay attention to, particularly because surveys of prospective buyers have repeatedly shown that battery life is one of the single most important things people look for in a smartphone. Although no company has been successful in marketing their phones’ battery lives as a key selling point so far, we wouldn’t be surprised if Samsung can pull it off.

Facebook Messenger finally arrives on iPad with free voice calling.


Three years after it was released for the iPhone, Facebook has finally brought its Messenger app to the iPad. Like most messaging apps for the iPad, Facebook Messenger features a sidebar of conversation threads with a chat window to the right.

Like the iPhone app, Messenger on the iPad will let you make voice calls to friends over a WiFi or cellular connection. Another voice-related feature lets you send quick snippets of audio to friends by tapping the mic icon in a chat window.


You can send a picture from the new iPad app, but the ability to send video is not included. Facebook Messenger on the iPhone has been able to send 15-second video clips since earlier this year.

There are over 200 million Messenger users, according to TechCrunch. That’s a huge number, and Facebook is clearly wanting the app to be a one-stop shop for your messaging needs—whether that means text, audio, pictures, or video.

Source App Store

Etisalat Nigeria Officially Announces iPhone 5s with 12-Month Warranty and Trade-in Program for Next-Generation iPhone


Etisalat Nigeria has announced the official launch of the iPhone 5s with 12-month warranty and a trade-in offer that will allow Etisalat customers exchange their iPhone 5s devices for the yet to be released next-generation iPhone. The iPhone 5s was unveiled at an event at the recently launched Gold Series Etisalat Experience Centre at Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island, Lagos, on June 16, 2014.

The Director, Retail Sales at Etisalat Nigeria, Charles Ogunwuyi, speaking at the event, described the partnership as a demonstration of the company’s commitment to providing customers with world class telecommunication services.

According to Ogunwuyi, “Our partnership with Apple Inc is a match of two innovative giants. It acknowledges our sustained investment in network infrastructure and capacity to ensure consistent quality of service. There is no doubt that the iPhone 5s will be at its best while running on the Etisalat network.”

A delighted Ogunwuyi highlighted that Apple Inc chose to partner with Etisalat Nigeria in acknowledgement of the quality of its network and service offerings that would optimise user experience on the iPhone 5s. He disclosed that the device is available at all Etisalat Experience Centres nationwide.

Larger iPhones Go Into Production July, Ship September


Bloomberg is reporting that Apple will put two new iPhones into production in July—one with a 4.7-inch display, the other with 5.5-inch screen—and both might ship by September.

If that rumor is true—and that’s still a big if—it both reaffirms rumors and states the obvious. We’re now primed to expect two new larger iPhones, and the rumor mill seems to strongly suggest that a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen are the most likely sizes that will appear. And in September? Well, given the regularity of Apple announcements, it would have to be somewhere around that time

Elsewhere in the report, people familiar with Apple’s plans claimed that the new devices will be “rounder and thinner.” They also added that the larger 5.5-inch phone is more complicated to manufacture than the smaller version, “resulting in lower production efficiency that must be overcome before manufacturing volume can be increased.” Bloomberg also took the opportunity to reaffirm its own rumors of the phone featuring curved glass with a taper at “the edges of the screen where the bezel meets the frame of a smartphone.”

All of which may or may not be true. But it’s increasingly looking like we should expect larger iPhones—and September seems like the most obvious time for them to arrive.