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Recommended iOS Apps From Last Week


With more than 1 million apps available for download through iTunes, it can be a daunting to determine which ones are worth your time and money. For every killer app there are numerous pointless ones, from an entertainment and utilitarian point of view. That’s true even of the many free apps available for iPhone. Even if you’re not paying, you’ll still spend time downloading and trying out new software, endeavoring to find the best fit for you.

So, here’s my list of recommendations — a weekly selection of 5 free apps that are worth the time you’ll spend downloading them. Not satisfied with my list? Feel free to share suggestions through the comments below. I’ll update this list weekly as new and better—but still free!—apps grab my attention. Click on the featured image for link to App Store. Read the rest of this entry


Recommended iOS Apps

iOS Apps

From music-themed dating apps to browsers and Family Guy fun and games, I’ll cover a lot of ground with new iOS apps to recommended and useful iOS APPS. What’s an iPhone without apps? Not much! Here’s my pick of the bunch for this week.

All apps are available on the Apple App Store…for direction to the app on App Store, click on the featured image. Read the rest of this entry

Konga’s Shopping App Is Now Available on iOS Devices


Konga published an iOS version of its shopping app to the App Store yesterday. The Konga iOS App is a convenient, secure and fast way to access the full range of products and services on the Marketplace you’ve come to love. Discover the hottest deals on hundreds of thousands of unique items from thousands of sellers, with a single tap. Plus shop on the go anywhere, anytime.

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Curious Launches Categories, Courses, And A Crafting App For Mobile [Download Link]


Download Curious from the App Store

Curious, the video-enabled tutoring and teaching service for anyone who thinks that curiosity may be bad for cats but great for people, is launching some new features, a new crafting app, and a wholly redesigned website. Read the rest of this entry

Imoji now lets you share custom stickers to Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram


When Imoji launched its iPhone app for turning selfies into stickers last month, one of the biggest complaints was that it only let you share to iMessage. A new update has addressed the issue, adding support for sharing your stickers to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Instagram and Kakao. Read the rest of this entry

Gaming: Trials Frontier downloaded 6-million times


Ubisoft announced that Trials Frontier, one week after its release, has been downloaded more than 6 million times. The free-to-play mobile title from RedLynx, part of the best-selling and award-winning Trials series, launched on April 10 only on the App Store.

“We are thrilled with the success Trials Frontier has had in its first week of launch,” said Jean-Michel Detoc, Managing Director of Ubisoft Mobile.Trials Frontier is currently the number one free app on the App Store in 75 countries and   has been reviewed by more than 10,000 players who have rated the game an average of 4.6 stars.”

“Trials Frontier has the most first week downloads of any Ubisoft mobile title to date, and the thousands of players reviews we received are amazingly positive, an achievement Redlynx and Ubisoft are proud to announce. In order to keep players engaged, we have a robust post-launch content plan including new bikes and multiplayer modes that will allow players to continue exploring and enjoying the world of Trails Frontier.”

Trials Frontier transports players to the distant future where they find themselves the newcomer in a run-down town desperate for a hero. Players practice their skills, learning how to race, flip and cruise through tracks as they earn new gear for their bikes and complete missions for the townsfolk in order to prepare for a face-off with the town villain, Butch. As players progress through the game they unlock new maps, tracks, bikes and fine-tune their racing skills.

Trials Frontier will receive regular post-launch updates that include new bikes, missions and the introduction of infinite multiplayer brawls to keep players competing and racing on the newestbikes. Stay connected with friends through time challenges, leaderboard sharing capabilities and social network integration to prove who has the fastest time.

Players can connect with Trials Fusion, available on consoles since April 16 and coming out on April 24 on Windows PC, to gain access to bonus rider gear and see what some of the tracks looked like in their prime.

Download Trials Frontier here

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5 fantastic free Android apps that do amazing things the iPhone can’t

When it comes to smartphone platforms, there’s plenty to enjoy on iOS and Android alike. The “iPhone vs. Android” debate is obviously a heated one among enthusiasts, but most people will acknowledge that both platforms have advantages and disadvantages compared to the other. Many pros and cons leave room for debate, of course, but one thing is certain when it comes to third-party development: Google’s Android platform gives app makers far more freedom to explore new functionality than Apple’s iOS software.

We’ve got five fantastic apps for Android users to check out if they’re looking to extend the capabilities of their handsets in ways that iPhone owners simply cannot.

Dodol Launcher:


The curiously named Dodol Launcher is described by its creator Camp Mobile as an app for customizing the decor of your Android interface.

In simple terms, Dodol lays the groundwork for users to apply any one of a huge number of custom themes to their Android phones. And we’re not just talking about simple wallpapers here, we’re talking about completely changing the look of your device with a new layout, new icon packs, new widgets and extended functionality.

The app’s description states that “thousands” of high-quality themes are available to Dodol users, and they all include custom icon packs and unique graphics. Also included are various skins for Dodol’s special widgets, which include a memory cleaner, quick settings, a battery widget and a customizable wide settings widget for adjusting things like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, ringer profile and more.

“Your phone will become a piece of artwork itself with the totally new wallpapers and icons,” Camp Mobile says on the app’s settings page.

Oh and before you ask, the Dodol theme pictured in the photo at the top of this post — which happens to be my personal favorite — is called “Dark Chic,” and it’s free.

Dodol Launcher is free in the Google Play app store.

Hello SMS:


It seems like there are a million mobile messaging services out there right now, and new ones pop up each day. There is one thing that most popular options do not do, however: Take standard SMS into account.

Hello SMS serves two main purposes. First, it completely replaces your Android phone’s messaging application, funneling all of your standard SMS, MMS and group messages into an app with a gorgeous tab-based UI that might just be one of the most enjoyable mobile messaging interfaces we have seen so far.

Beyond that, the app lumps in a typical data-based mobile messaging service that provides free unlimited international messaging to all users.

There are plenty of great messaging apps out there for the iPhone, of course, but obviously none of them have the ability to also take over iOS’s in-built messaging app and replace it with a gorgeous new design.

Hello SMS is available now as a free download in the Google Play store.

Weather Underground:


Weather Underground? But… Weather Underground also makes an iPhone app!

Indeed it does, but Weather Underground’s Android app is a perfect example of software that features terrific functionality on Android that its iOS counterpart simply cannot achieve.

Beyond providing users with exhaustive current weather and forecast information, the Weather Underground app for Android does two awesome things that no iOS weather app in the App Store can do.

First, it allows users to add one of several weather widgets to a home screen, providing detailed weather information that is updated on a configurable schedule.

Want to always see the current weather conditions without taking up precious home screen real estate? Weather Underground’s app also allows Android users to display the current temperature in the notification bar along with an icon representing the current conditions. This way no matter what screen you’re on, you can always see the weather.

Weather Underground is completely free and it can be downloaded from Google’s Play store.



There are plenty of iPhone apps that can hide certain data such as photos and videos behind password protection, but what if you don’t want to deal with a brand new third-party app just to view hidden content?

AppLock is a terrific Android utility that can protect a wide range of standard Android apps by requiring users to enter a password before accessing them. This password is in addition to the standard PIN or passcode people might use to secure their Android devices.

By using AppLock, users gain a second layer of security to help ensure no one can access their private data.

From the app’s description:


AppLock is a free download from the Play app store.

The Pirate Bay Browser:


Regardless of your opinion of The Pirate Bay and torrents in general, it’s hard to argue that blocking access to apps that deal with The Pirate Bay isn’t a characteristic of a closed ecosystem.

While iPhone users may never be able to access apps like The Pirate Bay Browser in Apple’s App Store, Android users looking to access the popular site have plenty of options and this might be one of the best.

The Pirate Bay Browser does exactly what you think it does: it provides people with access to The Pirate Bay, one of the most popular torrent directories on the planet. Users can see popular torrents along with associated details, and links can be opened in the bittorrent client of your choosing right from within the app.

The Pirate Bay Browser is completely free in the Google Play store.


Download our eMerchantNG Android App here…we look forward to your feedback to help improve the BETA App.

If the App doesn’t install, please go to your “Settings”, “Security”, under “Device administration” tick ”Unknown Sources” and re-install again.

Thank You.


BBM introduces Stickers in the new BBM Shop to add more fun to your chats


BlackBerry Limited  yesterday announced BBM version will be rolling out to Android, BlackBerry and iOS devices. As promised, the new update will bring “stickers,” the ability to share images in multi-person chats, and the ability to send higher quality photos, videos and presentations.

Stickers are larger emoticons that users can purchase from the BBM Shop to enhance their chats. BlackBerry has also teamed up with the WWE to give away a free WrestleMania 30 sticker pack.

“Stickers are another great example of how we’re making the BBM experience more engaging and fun for our customers,” said David Proulx, Senior Director, BBM at BlackBerry. “Stickers let you personalize your chats and strike the right chord with people around the world who rely on stickers in chats when they connect with colleagues, family, friends, peers and partners.”

BBM users will also be able to send photos as a thumbnail in multi-person chats, and transfer files up to 16MB in single-person chats.


You can download BBM for free from the Apple AppStore or the Google Play Store.

The BBM for iPhone requires iOS 6.0 or later and it is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Update: Version of BBM is now available. Here’s the changelog:

• Add more fun to your BBM chats with the introduction of stickers available in the new BBM Shop

• Increased file transfer size (16MB) lets you share higher quality photos, bigger files and longer videos

• Picture sharing in multi-person chats makes it easy to send a pic to a group of people so you can all talk about it together

• Other bug fixes and performance improvements

Download our eMerchantNG Android App here…we look forward to your feedback to help improve the BETA App.

If the App doesn’t install, please go to your “Settings”, “Security”, under “Device administration” tick ”Unknown Sources” and re-install again.

Thank You.

Google Search gets massive update with Now enhancements, notifications, and hands-free search



Since introducing Google Now functionality to the Google Search app several months back, Google has been steadily working to improve the experience for iOS users. With the latest update, the app is as on par with its Android counterpart as it has ever been.

The new update brings a slew of enhancements including notifications, more Google Now cards (public transit info and flight updates, to name a couple), and the ability to perform a hands-free voice search. To do so, users simply need to speak the phrase “OK, Google” followed by their query. Reminders based on time and location can also be set by voice.

Beyond functionality improvements, the app also gets a few interface and usability tweaks. The homepage has been simplified, image results can now be swiped away, and Google has implemented one touch sign in.

The latest update to Google Search can be found in the App Store now as a free download.

Customize iOS app icons without jailbreaking

A clever app has made it possible to customize the icons on your iOS device without requiring you to jailbreak your phone.



The ability to customize your iOS device beyond a wallpaper on the home and lock screens and icon arrangement doesn’t truly exist. Unless, that is, you decide to jailbreak your iDevice. Jailbreaking a device gives you full permission to modify and install whatever you want on iOS, outside of Apple’s walled garden. There are plenty of arguments for and against the act, but we’ll leave that for another post.

For those who don’t want to jailbreak, a new app called Iconical will allow you to create your own app icon for a long list of supported apps (the developer claims 14,000 apps are supported).


After you install it, you can select an app from the default list, or scan the installed apps on your device. How the app works is actually pretty ingenious. Iconical will scan for installed apps that support the iOS URL scheme, which allows apps to be launched from another location, either to the default or with a specific function in mind. An example of a specific function includes launching the FaceTime app and calling a predefined contact just by tapping on the icon. The icon you end up creating is nothing more than a Web shortcut pointing to a URL scheme.



Select an app and begin designing. You’re able to draw, import a photo, or take a new photo to replace the current icon.

Once you’ve added a photo and given your icon a name, simply tap on the “Create Home Screen Icon” text. You’ll then be redirected to Safari on your device, where you’re instructed to create a Web shortcut.

In the end, you’ll have the default app icon on your device, along with the newly created icon. You can hide the standard icon(s) in a folder and move your creation into its place on your home screen.

Please note that the Iconical app isn’t free, it costs $0.99.

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