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PeopleVoting has began for the #People category of the Lagos Photo festival #ILoveNigeria   #EtisalatPhotographyCompetition . .
Simply download the LagosPhoto  app on the Android Playstore or Apple Appstore,  click “Vote”, Login to Facebook, and VOTE your favourite image!  The image with the most likes in the ‘People’ category wins a Nokia Lumia device! So get voting and have a great weekend. #lagosphoto #photography #photocontest#LagosPhoto2015

Dear friends kindly vote for our very own @McAwhy in the Etisalat Festival competition themed “People” via the LagosPhoto App by liking this pic:



They used me. And left me.
You found me where they kept me.
You picked me up gently.
Though i was a tricycle
Not a Bentley.
I was once a hero
Now reduced to zero
Wón mán fi mí k’érò
When i was driven by Baba Bello.
I worked and toiled
My engine boiled
Took kids to school
Lifted laborers’ tools.
In sun, in rain
Time and again
I saved the day
Though my boss got the pay.
He got rich and bought a danfo
Left my remains at Isò Pákó
For my parts to be scavenged by Mallam Tanko
Who owns the faded green barrow.
I did my best
But you left me
Put me to the test
And i did excellently.
My fate now, i know not
I’m so hollow
Like a doughnut.
My ruined shell is carted away
Maybe for repair
Or maybe for decay.
But I did my best
Remember me that way
I changed my world
And played my part
I was the best in my day.” #Lagos #labor#laborer #transport #streetphotography#poetry #photopoetry #nigerianwriters#photography #phonephotography#phonephotographer #wheelbarrow#Lagos 


Who is McAwhy?…A poet whose words aren’t enough so he made photos of them.


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