Driveclub’s Graphics Had “Nothing But Improvements;” Playable Demo Coming Soon at Game


When a game gets near to its release, many start seeing “downgrades” all over the place. It has become a regular and fairly annoying trend lately. Of course the upcoming PS4 exclusive Driveclub is no exception, and some are already starting to complain based on rather low quality screenshots of unknown origin from a private beta captured with unknown methods.

Game Director Paul Rustchynsky was asked on Twitter if there had been any “downgrade,” and he was clear cut in mentioning that we can rest easy, as the team has done nothing but improvements:

No. We’ve continued to make nothing but improvements. Did the Gamescom code look like a downgrade?”

Those who still have doubt and live in the UK will be able to check out for themselves soon, as Rustchynsky mentioned that a playable demo will soon be available at the retailer Game.

“There will be a playable demo at Game I believe very soon.”

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is starting to get just a tad tired of all this (real or mostly perceived) downgrade talk. Maybe we should just enjoy the games instead of counting pixels on blurry screenshots.


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