9 Ways Drones Are Changing The World


Drones are a truly exciting area right now and are constantly in the media, with so many interesting uses popping up on the Web.

They’re certainly no longer just the domain of the military. Here are 9 things drones can do that prove this.

1. Delivering fast food, groceries and more

The easiest way to order the shopping is to simply load up a shopping app for next-day delivery, but drones mean you could end up having items the same day. Dominos and Amazon and even we at eMerchant have seen potential here, looking at how we could use drones to deliver items.

2. Changing journalism as we know it

Modern journalism is being enhanced by developments in fields like video and imaging, but the idea of using drones to cover a story takes the industry to another level. The concept has been endorsed by many journalism schools already, with students across the world being taught the viability of using drones while in high-risk areas to get a story and keep the actual journalist safe.

3. Inspecting oil rigs

Oil is a crucial resource, vital to the survival of many economies and mankind in general. Getting hold of it in the first place is generally dangerous, but don’t worry, as drones are already being used to make sure oil rigs are in tip-top condition and functioning as they ought to.

4. Transporting medicine and aid


Natural disasters and wars call for emergency distribution of medication and aid. Luckily, we have drones to make this more efficient. Aviation company Matternet is developing a network to transport medication to risk areas.

5.  Saving lives

A graduate from Austria has put the world’s emergency services to shame, coming up with a system that would see drones being used to drop off defibrillators to heart attack victims. The concept would supposedly work with a medic placing the medication onto a drone and commanding it to fly to the victim, whereby another medic would administer it.

6. Monitoring wildlife

Another useful thing we can do with drones is help protect Earth’s wildlife by monitoring it from afar, especially with endangered species. This has already been put to the test by a team of Indonesian scientists, who have used drones to spy on a group of endangered apes, to ensure they are living well and are accessing the correct vegetation.

7. Helping farmers

Farmers really do have a tough job, having to work in all weathers to ensure their crops are successfully grown and harvested. But their lives are being made a tad easier thanks to specially-kitted-out drones that use technology such as infrared beams to monitor farmers’ premises and see how their plants are growing. They’re especially helpful for bigger farms.

8. Covering sporting events

It’s not just the world of news journalism that’s getting its greasy mitts on drones, oh no, as they’re also being used to cover sporting events around the world too. The idea is that by using them, producers are able to gather footage of events from off the ground and in high-definition quality. Oh, and drone footage looks cool and is good for PR – at least while it remains a novelty. Drones even made an appearance at the Olympics.

9. Selling property

Perhaps the property market is struggling at the moment due to the fact that few people have cash to splash on a new home, but that hasn’t stopped real-estate agencies from investing in drones to record an overview shot of property. Some are even using them to record footage of the environment around a property to create a virtual tour of the area.


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