Meet The World’s First Family Robot Jibo [Video]


Jibo is the World’s first family robot with artificial intelligence that can imitate the way we speak. Jibo unlike other robots you may have seen, is not an ordinary robot. It has a far more sophisticated system with a very realistic speaking manner.

Jibo can take photos of you, take reminders, read e-mails and text messages or even hold a conversation with you. It uses facial recognition technique to identify people and can remember people. It even remembers your personal choices, as for example – if you like Pizza, it can remember your preference to later cater to your needs according to your preference.

Jibo can function as your personal assistant, can read stories to children and act like it’s part of the family. What makes Jibo different is that it’s conversations are quite realistic and human like. So you’ll feel less like you’re talking to a robot.

Jibo has no arms but it has the ability to move 360 degrees letting it see all around. It can learn from you and use that knowledge in the future.

Jibo is currently available for pre-order with possible shipments on early 2016. It’s fundraising project had a target of 100k which has crossed more than 900k as of now.

Watch this video to see what Jibo can do.


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