Best Practices for a higher battery life


The biggest problem using a smartphone is battery life. With smartphones having bigger and better screens now, battery consumption has equally increased. Many smartphones out there have low battery life and requires charging every now and then. But there are some practices you can follow, for your smartphone to have a longer battery life.

Irrespective of what phone you use, whether you’re expecting regular longevity or lifetime longevity of your phone’s battery, these practices will definitely help you out.


Yes, turning your brightness higher does hurt your phones battery life. Turning on auto brightness affects your battery life too. Many phones offer auto brightness feature that allows brightness to automatically change to adjust with the surrounding. In most cases, it takes more battery life.

How much it affects battery life is hard to tell. But according to an article published by lifehacker, if you’re a power user, keeping a low brightness will save you almost 2 hours of battery life. However, if you’re not an avid user, it won’t make much of a difference.

But using your phone on low brightness, will not only save you battery life, but will also be good for your eyes. Often, too much brightness, specially in low light, affects your eyesight. So, in both ways, it’s a good practice to lower the brightness of your phone.

Turning off wifi when not in use


Unless you really need it, keeping your wifi off is a good idea. It will save you a good amount of your phone’s battery, or even on laptops and tablets. If you have the “automatically search & connect to networks” feature turned on, it may take up more battery.

So only turn on wifi when you need it. Otherwise, it is highly advisable to keep it turned off. Also, turning on other similar features such as location tracking and 3G/Data Roaming will use more battery. Turning them off is a good idea unless you need them.

Turn off vibration

Phone vibration definitely requires battery usage. And if you’re the kind of person that gets a lot of calls everyday, vibrations will really affect the battery life of you’re phone. Sometimes, vibrations are very important and some people only keep vibration on, which is also a good practice. Turning your ringtone off instead of vibration will save you some battery. But then again, unless you’re someone who gets a lot of calls, it won’t make much difference.

Phone notifications

Although phone notifications that give you email alert or likewise are important, if you’re running low on battery, it’s a good idea to turn them off. Also, it is advisable to turn off unnecessary notifications. This will definitely help you save battery life.

Phone temperature

It is a good practice to keep your phone cool unless the weather is too hot. Keeping your phone in a cool environment is a good way to keep your phone cool and will also give your phone’s battery a longer lifetime. Similarly, if the phones battery gets hot, it will affect it’s lifetime longevity.

Frequent charging

Although people are advised to charge their phone’s battery after it has drained to a low amount, it is not true for all batteries out there. New generation phones with lithium ion batteries can be charged frequently and it is seen that it doesn’t affect the battery life of the phone.

Change your battery

If your phone has been used for a long time, it is advisable to change your phone’s battery for better performance.

These are some of the common tips and practices for a better battery usage. However, other methods may be applied depending on the device. These practices will definitely help you to have a longer battery lifespan.


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