Amazon Launches Zocalo



Amazon has just launched Zocalo, their brand new document sharing and collaboration tool which will specifically target the services offered by Box and Dropbox, going to show how Amazon is not content at being where they are at the moment, as they attempt to carve additional inroads into the world of enterprise IT.

What will the likes of Box and Dropbox do now that Amazon Web Services’ latest Zocalo enterprise document sharing and collaboration tool has been introduced? It remains to be seen, but it does look as though the enterprise IT sector is about to get more exciting since such healthy competition is going to spur better and better (fingers crossed) products for the end user, don’t you think so?

The introduction of Zocalo will see Amazon augment the capabilities of both Dropbox and Box onto their very own platform, as users will gain the ability to edit their documents in the cloud without the need for Microsoft Office. In addition, all comments and edits that made in the cloud will be easily translated over to a Microsoft Word document should someone boot up Word to open the very same file from his or her personal computer. This is akin to Dropbox’s Project Harmony that was launched in April earlier this year.


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