New iPod Touch A Pain To Fix


So, Apple has decided that they have not quite ditched the iPod touch range just yet, having introduced a new 16GB model that will be the most basic one for those who are looking for a decent portable media player. Actually, there really isn’t much room for a portable media player to make a statement for itself these days, considering how a regular smartphone will be able to get the job done, and then some. Still, the $199 16GB iPod touch which boasts of a 5MP shooter and a quartet of extra color options has rolled out, but this does not mean it is easier than its other siblings to repair, according to the folks over at iFixit.

DIY enthusiasts who love to do their own repairing and tinkering of gizmos underneath the hood will not be too pleased with the latest 16GB iPod touch, since anyone who decides to do so will run into similar challenges that plagued its prior versions. Popping open the iPod touch in the first place is quite a challenge, not to mention Apple having crammed in a bunch of components all onto a solitary cable.

In fact, the logic board, front-facing camera, battery, Lightning connector, headphone jack, speaker, and home button have all been soldered together, resulting in final repairability score of 3 out of 10, which at least is two points higher up the scale that the Surface Pro 3 from Microsoft’s score.


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