New Xbox One System Update Starts To Roll Out Tonight


It seems that the new Xbox One system update is all set to roll out later tonight, and special mention to the Xbox Live members who actually previewed the features, while sharing some of their feedback which will hopefully make the final update a whole lot better. Just what are some of the features that this new update will deliver? Check it out after the jump.

For starters, there will be game and app saves and updates, where a game save progress bar will let you see the status of your game saves, now how about that? This would also allow you to tell at a glance the games and apps which are being updated, or have been updated recently.

Apart from that, improvements have also been made to your friends , where notifications will be added in order to check out just when favorites and friends sign in to Xbox Live. This also happened to be one of the most frequently requested features, hence it became a priority for inclusion in this particular update. Friends who happen to be in multiplayer too, will be identified in the friends list.

There are also improvements made to Kinect voice and motion, where some of the gesture functionality have been updated to reduce false positives on non-hand objects triggering gesture commands.


Download our eMerchantNG Android App here…we look forward to your feedback to help improve the BETA App.

If the App doesn’t install, please go to your “Settings”, “Security”, under “Device administration” tick ”Unknown Sources” and re-install again.

Thank You.


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