Logitech’s New Auto-Dimming Keyboard Is Perfect For Movie Night


In the good ol’ days, finding the buttons on your remote in the dark was hard enough—but now, finding the keys of you keyboard is a living hell. Enter Logitech’s neat little auto-dimming keyboard, which seems just perfect for movie night.

The new wireless, backlit keyboard —K830 to its chums—auto-dims based on ambient light, and also disables lighting completely after five seconds of non-use, so it won’t distract from your screen one bit. It’s rechargeable, has a built-in trackpad and boast a pretty impressive 33-foot range via 2.4GHz connectivity. Available by the end of this month, it’ll set you back $100.

Download our eMerchantNG Android App here…we look forward to your feedback to help improve the BETA App.

If the App doesn’t install, please go to your “Settings”, “Security”, under “Device administration” tick ”Unknown Sources” and re-install again.

Thank You.


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