Samsung Galaxy S5 Gets Torn Down, Reveals that Repair won’t be Easy


Typically when new phones come out, or at least get into reviewers hands, sites like iFixit will tear it apart to see how easy it is to repair the device if anything breaks. We’ve already seen that the HTC One M8 is pretty difficult to repair, although we didn’t really expect anything else since the HTC One M7 was pretty difficult as well. Now the Samsung Galaxy S5 was torn down as well. However, not by the usual suspects. Russian website Ferra, managed to disassemble the brand new Samsung flagship device – which hasn’t even gone on sale yet.

According to Ferra, it’s pretty difficult to replace the display on the Samsung Galaxy S5. Mostly because Samsung is using a special adhesive to keep the display attached to the rest of the body of the smartphone. Once you get the display off, the rest of the tear down was pretty quick. However, tearing it down will probably take about an hour.

Repairing the Samsung Galaxy S5 is looking like it’ll be just as hard as the HTC One M8 is. But then again the Galaxy S5 is also water-resistant and dust-proof, rated at IP67. So that partially explains why it’s so hard to take it apart and replace parts of the phone. As I always do, if something breaks on your Samsung Galaxy S5, like screen cracks, or something else, I’d suggest taking it to your carrier or to Samsung to get it fixed, instead of doing it yourself. As they are trained on how to fix these devices.

All in all, this shouldn’t change anyone’s mind about buying the Samsung Galaxy S5. It still has amazing specs, and an even more amazing camera. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is going to be launching on April 11th in about 150 countries, while South Korea already has on sale – lucky Koreans!


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