Apple explains why it released an 8GB iPhone 5c

iphone 5c apple shots

Apple yesterday introduced an 8GB iPhone 5c model that’s only available in China, Australia and select countries in Europe. And as one would expect, the lower-capacity model is just a smidge more affordable than the 16GB variant.

In the wake of Apple’s iPhone 5c shake-up, there have been no shortage of posts trying to find some strategic meaning behind the move, with most viewing the decision as an attempt to boost what may very well be tepid 5c sales figures.

Earlier this morning, Apple actually addressed the idea behind the product introduction in a statement provided to Ina Fried of Re/Code.

“The mid-tier iPhone segment is growing year over year and the 8GB model provides a more affordable option for markets where LTE is becoming more established,” an Apple representative told Re/code. The iPhone 5c, unlike the iPhone 4s, which is also still sold, supports LTE networks.

The report further adds that the lower capacity iPhone 5c is likely not being offered in the United States because US-based carriers already offer heavy subsidies on smartphones.

That the iPhone 5c hasn’t been selling up to Apple’s expectations isn’t exactly a closely guarded secret, with Tim Cook admitting as much during Apple’s most recent earnings conference call. Recently, we compiled a number of reasons to possibly explain why the iPhone 5c hasn’t been the hit Apple may have been hoping for.


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