Why You Should Get an Xbox 360 Controller for PC Gaming


The Xbox 360 controller has become the gold standard for PC gaming. Yes, the specific type of controller is important — you don’t want another brand of controller or even an Xbox One controller.

Sure, mouse and keyboard are still king, but PCs are all about choice and flexibility. Controllers are the best option for many types of games, including platformers, racing games, and fighting games.

Xbox Ports and Games for Windows

Many PC games are ported from the Xbox 360. These games generally come with built-in support for the same controller they use on the Xbox 360. Plug in a controller and you’ll usually see the on-screen button prompts change from mouse and keyboard to Xbox 360 controller buttons. Some of the worst ports to PC don’t even include on-screen prompts for keyboard and mouse controllers — they show you Xbox 360 controller buttons on screen whether or not you plug in an Xbox 360 controller. Mouse and keyboard users are left struggling to figure out the appropriate buttons on their own.

This controller support was also advanced through Microsoft’s Games for Windows certification program, which required native support for Xbox 360 controllers. This allowed people with Xbox 360 consoles to plug their Xbox 360 controllers straight into their computer’s USB ports and use them without any configuration.

Today, the Xbox 360 controller has become such a standardized controller that even indie games developed for PC are often designed with it in mind. They weren’t designed for Xbox and aren’t worried about passing Games for Windows certification — they’re just supporting the best, most common PC controller.

Controllers like the Xbox 360 controller are also great for playing classic console games in emulators on your PC. Hook up two or more and you can play old multiplayer console games. It should be plug-and-play for PC games, but you’ll have to do a bit more work when configuring emulators to work with the Xbox 360 controller.



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