Mixed reaction to proposed wire-tap program


The proposed ‘wire-tap programme’, currently under consideration by the country’s federal government, has been met with a mixed response claim news reports

For example, the Daily Trust explains that the proposal, titled ‘A Bill for An Act to Provide for the Interception, Development And Protection of Communications Networks and Facilities For Public Interest and Other Related Matters, 2013’ , is intended to empower security agencies to monitor and track phone and online communications.

The Programme is said to have passed the second reading at both lower and upper chamber of the National Assembly.

In its report Daily Trust quotes the senior advisor to the President on ICT, Baba Jibrin Adamu, as saying the Programme forms part of the government’s intention to “curtail the activities of criminals” who make use of the Internet and telecommunications to perpetuate crimes.

He advised that “investors would not invest in a place where their investments are not safe and we are assuring everyone that we are working to make online transactions safe in the country.”

Although some politicians endorse the proposed Bill, critics have expressed concern that the move may be used to curtail freedom of expression or be abused by politicians as a tool against opponents.


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