Google Nigeria serious about privacy says Country Manager


Google Nigeria’s Country Manager, Juliet Ehimuan-Chiazor, is reported to have publicly reassured users of the security and privacy of data, saying that confidentiality is “engraved in Google’s culture”.

Nigeria Communications Week has posted a report by Peter Ugwu which states that Ehimuan-Chiazor made the remarks at the Phillips Consulting Breakfast Forum and Web Jurist Award 11.0 hosted on 12 September 2013.

She is quoted as saying, “Data privacy and data security are important. A lot of sophisticated tools that are available today have inbuilt robust-security. Also, data privacy is something very important to us at Google.”

“We take our consumer privacy very serious. And we respect the privacy laws and privacy agreements we have with users. We do not expose user data; it is something that is much engraved in the culture of Google and something we take very seriously”.

In addition to reference to the impact of Big Data, Ehimuan-Chiazor is said to have emphasised security as a prerequisite to leveraging off the benefits of Big Data.


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